Which type of bulbs should I use?

The different types of bulbs you can find on our website differ by their fixture (i.e., the connection between the bulb and the support). 

Here is a small guide to help you choose the right type of bulb.

E27: is the most widely used in Europe and the classic representation of a bulb. This bulb has a cylindrical fixture with a 27mm diameter and has to be screwed in at the support. You can typically find it in a range of domestic settings for lamps and feature lights.

E14: is the new general screw-in design and is the same as B27. However the fixture is a bit smaller with a diameter of 14mm. It is widely used on compact lighting systems (like a desk lamp).

B22: is almost only used in the UK. It is very similar to the E27 but differs a bit in the fixture. Here you can find two pins on the side of the bottom part of  the bulb that allow it to attach to the fixture.

GU10:  is most of the time used in the ceiling of your kitchen and in your bathroom. It is shorter than the other bulbs and has two pins on bottom.


What is the CRI of the bulbs?

CRI is an acronym for Colour Rendering Index and is a common metric used to describe the ability of a light source to render colour.  Bulbs with higher CRIs emit a white “full-spectrum” light allowing for all colours to be represented. When we tune our bulbs to adapt to different lighting conditions, we control the amount of light emitted in each spectral band thereby altering the temperature of the light. This means that the CRI is reduced, but it is always between 80 and 85. 

Is it flicker free?

The bulb has been designed to maximize comfort of all users. While our bulbs are not certified flicker free, no observable flicker was detected in our internal testing.

How can I control the bulbs?

When you purchase one or more bulbs, you also get access to our app. After a simple pairing process, all your bulbs will be connected to your account on the App. After a short questionnaire, our app determines the right light for you and automatically controls your bulbs to emit it.
If for some reason you want to manually change the settings of your bulbs (colour or intensity), you can do so directly from the App.

What should I do to install the bulbs? 

The installation process of your bulbs is really easy and will be detailed during your first connection to the app. All you have to do is to plug in our smart bulb as every normal one and to follow the instructions on the App.

Can multiple users control the same bulbs? 

When you first buy bulbs, we provide you what we call a “household code”. This code is used to connect to the App and to control the bulbs. Different users can share the same household code. It means that if you want to, different members of your family can use the app on their phones and control the lights of the house.

Can I use the bulbs without the App?

If you don’t connect your bulbs to the App, they will emit a constant and not tailored light. To benefit from the advantages of our product, it is then required to use the App.

What is blue light and why is it important?

Visible light comprises a number of spectral frequency bands that we then associate to different colours.  The spectrum of colours in visible light can be seen in phenomena like rainbows and is typically divided into red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. When we talk about blue light, we are simply referring to the part of light that makes up the blue part of the spectrum. Blue light is special because our eyes have evolved to use blue light to send a message to our brain to communicate if it is daytime or nighttime. The reason blue light is used has to do with the prevalence of blue light in sunlight.  Prior to the invention of electric lighting, the periodicity of the rising and setting of the sun would be the only way our brains would know the time of day which is important information for our body's master clock, the circadian pacemaker.  Keeping the circadian pacemaker on time is what ensures that we sleep regularly, maintain a healthy balance of hormones, and maintain general health and wellbeing.  Blue light during the morning is a good way to wake up naturally while blue light at night is generally bad because it disrupts this natural cycle that evolution developed for us.  The existence of blue light in electric lights and computer screens means that we have to take steps to avoid it and why LYS is working hard to bring healthy lighting back into the home and workplace.

Does the light emitted from LYS Connect bulbs contain blue light?

Our light recipes are made to provide you with the appropriate level of blue light during your day. During the active phases of the day (when your body needs to be full of energy), the light is rich in blue light. Conversely, during the evening we make sure that the level of blue light is low enough to ensure a good night's sleep.

What is chronotype? 

Our body is governed by the circadian pacemaker, an  internal clock that controls many physiological processes that occur in cycles roughly every 24hrs. These cycles are called circadian rhythms (from the Latin circa, meaning "around", and dian, referring to "day") . From person to person, these cycles can shift with some starting before some and ending after others. People who share approximately the same circadian timing have the same chronotypeA chronotype is essentially a group of people with similar sleep-wake patterns (i.e., early rising larks or late to bed night owls).

What is a healthy light? 

Scientific research shows that the light that we are exposed to every day is the main influencing factor on our mood, energy levels and sleep. Getting the right light at the right time is imperative for good health and wellbeing. Healthy light is a combination of the right intensity, spectrum (colour), timing and duration of light.

How does LYS Connect help you to be aligned with your chronotype and get healthy light?

Based on your chronotype and our expert knowledge, we determine the appropriate light recipe for you. What this means is that we automatically adjust the colour and the intensity of the light to fulfill the needs of your body.


Where are you shipping?

For now our bulbs are available in the European Union  and in the UK

Are the bulbs guaranteed? 

The bulbs come with a two-year warranty in case they are defective. If your bulb does not work properly within two years of purchase, you can return it to us. Our team will then make sure that the bulb has been used under normal conditions (no drop marks, etc.). If so, we will repair OR replace the bulb and return it to you.

What are the delivery fees? 

The delivery fees are £5. It will be clearly stated just after your checkout for payment. If you buy 5 bulbs or more, we take care of the delivery cost.